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Paul Barrett Book Production is a highly professional publishers’ service, offering over 30 years’ experience of book design, page layout, typesetting and illustration.
We work with many leading UK publishers on a wide range of trade and educational publications, including books, journals, reports, travel brochures and newsletters.
We pride ourselves on meeting the tightest of deadlines and becoming individually involved with each project. Strong client relationships are our strength.

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The eBook market is growing fast, and although we are still being asked for printed books, our clients are also now requesting an eBook version as well. We now offer eBook creation from your finished manuscript and conversion into the most popular eBook formats, ready for you to upload to the major eBook retailers or alternatively to your own website.

Each eBook project is different, so if you are thinking about producing an eBook, please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the various options available.
Email: info@pbbp.co.uk


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